We combined nature and technology to create a revolutionary fabric. 

Then we made a t-shirt.

Planet Friendly

Made from 100% natural plant based fibres.  The Greenest Tee needs
less than 1% of the water a cotton t-shirt takes to make.  Happy planet!

Sustainable. Compostable. Bio-degradable.


So relaxed and comfortable you’ll wear it all year round.  Made from natural fibres, softer than cotton to touch and because we’re all sensitive souls, they’re hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and with zero odour retention.


Made from ECOLITE® – a high performance material with the versatility of cotton and the technical performance of polyester.  Created using an advanced environmentally-friendly manufacturing process to ensure the least impact to the planet.


Stylish and adaptable, they’re sure to become your go-to tee.  Equally at home in the yoga studio or the cafe, the perfect base layer in cooler weather, a great run shirt or any for just about any sporty activity that takes your fancy.

Our Clients

With the message on sustainability woven into the fabric, the Earth Hour 2015 t-shirts will go a long way in helping to spread our message.

Earth Hour
Bonnie Chia - Director for Brand and Marketing

We are thrilled to work with Kusaga Athletic and their sustainable plant-based shirts, it's a perfect fit with the Evergreen Endurance mission.

Bruno Lebeda - Director, Evergreen Endurance

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It’s a question that concerns us greatly.

We love sport and we’re passionate about the planet. We spend our time running, cycling, swimming and climbing around it…

We want to protect it. We worry about climate change and the impact of the apparel industry on it. So, we’ve created the world’s first truly sustainable clothing brand for serious sportspeople.

Kusaga Athletic, a range of products made from unique sustainable fabrics.

Want to know more or share what you think, please email us at curious@kusagaathletic.com


$400 million a day is spent on sports apparel.

The majority of these clothes will be made from non-sustainable materials via a dirty manufacturing process that contributes a significant impact to the environment.

One cotton t-shirt uses approx. 3,000 litres of water to produce.

That’s the equivalent to what an average person drinks over three years.

Every year – 2 million tonnes of textiles are thrown away in the UK.

That adds up to almost 10 Billion T-shirts.


At Kusaga Athletic, we produce sportswear and activewear using only renewable fibres,
weaved from natural sources and designed to deliver optimal athletic performance.

ECOLITE® is our environmental warrior – Natural, Sustainable and 100% planet friendly.

The story of this revolutionary fabric blend begins with renewable plant materials, grown with minimal intervention before undergoing a manufacturing process that ensures the least impact to the environment. The end product is a high performance material that has the versatility of cotton with the technical capabilities of polyester.
ECOLITE® is softer than cotton, smoother than silk and cooler than linen.

Created for Run Tees, Casual Tees, Base Layers.

ECOSOFT® – the environmental trailblazer, Renewable and Progressive.

Nature and technology unite to produce a high performance textile that is ideal for everyday use and importantly, better for the planet. This unique fabric takes the best features of traditional materials to the next level, delivering outstanding softness, excellent stretch and optimum moisture management.
ECOSOFT® soothes the Body, Mind and Soul.

Created for Run Tees, Casual Tees, Base Layers, Lifestyle.


ECOMESH® is true to Nature and Performance.

Industry leading technology combined with annually renewable resources has created a lightweight performance material with excellent moisture transfer. The construction delivers superior ventilation and elasticity, ensuring the freedom of movement where you need it most. This naturally versatile fabric has a soft hand feel with zero odour retention and holds it’s shape after prolonged use.
ECOMESH® is kind to the body and the environment.

Created for Run Tees and Cycle Jerseys.


ECODRY® is race focussed and nature’s companion.

Maximising athletic performance and minimising impact on the environment is at the heart of the development of this fabric. For the planet, ECODRY™ is made to leave no trace, it’s biodegradable and recyclable. For the athlete, this is a high-stretch, breathable and hard wearing material.
ECODRY® gives performance you expect with reduced impact to the planet.

Created for Run Tees and Cycle Jerseys.



As pioneers of sustainable sportswear and activewear, we work with thought leaders, government bodies and socially responsible corporations to drive a planet friendly conversation.



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